Intruder Alarm Systems

We supply and install Intruder Alarm Systems using the very latest technology and high-quality components from leading manufacturers.  

We offer a range of wired, wireless or hybrid systems, for residential and commercial property, designed and installed to your bespoke requirements. 

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We maintain Intruder Alarm Systems of all makes, shapes and sizes, from residential to large commercial networked systems. All security systems need to be regularly serviced and maintained to ensure reliability and to reduce false alarms. Most insurance providers require proof of regular maintenance inspections carried out by an accredited security company.


Signalling and Remote Monitoring Options

For residential properties we offer a range of signalling and remote monitoring options that include, “self-notification” using your mobile phone, remote monitoring via Alarm Receiving Centre and dual monitoring, combining the self-control of your alarm system using your mobile phone and all the benefits of using a professional Alarm Receiving Centre.

Using Smart Technology, self-notification of your intruder alarm via mobile phone, allows you to activate, deactivate and reset your alarm system remotely via our user-friendly App. This can be via Ethernet and Wi-Fi intelligent Communicator or Radio Communicator.

Using a professional Alarm Receiving Centre will ensure your alarm receives a response when needed, generating a Security or Police response.

For commercial premises we offer a range of communications options including, single and dual-path signalling using a combination of IP/Radio or Radio/Radio.

We have contracts with the very best accredited Alarm Receiving Centres.

We are accredited by the Security Systems Alarms Inspection Board (SSAIB). Our employees are screened by the National Security Screening Agency (NSSA) and we are a registered installer with Greater Manchester, Cheshire and Derbyshire Police.

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