Door Access & Video Entry Systems

We supply and install Door Access and Video Entry systems using tried and tested products from leading manufacturers. Our product range offers choice and flexibility based on your individual requirements.

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Door Access Systems

A Door Access System allows you to control access to a building using a keypad or token/card reader to allow authorised access through the main entrance or control or restrict access to internal areas of a building. The system can be fitted to a single door or networked to multiple doors throughout the building.

Video Entry Systems

A Video Entry System allows you to observe visitors prior to allowing access to a main entrance or controlled area of a building by means of visual and audio verification. The system can be fitted to a single door with a video handset or networked to multiple doors and handsets.

Networked Systems

Designed to make the management of any building easy. A networked system can be administered using one or more PC’s and can be monitored and managed from a central location and is flexible to include both a wired and wireless solution.

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